1 John

Part 1 1 John Part 1 – Stay Close to the Light

Don Treader talks of the importance of staying close to Jesus and what that looks like in today’s world.

Stay Close to the Light

Part 2 1 John Part 2 — Out with the Old, in with the New

Don Treader uses video editing to illustrate what becoming a Christian means – the ultimate cross-fade!

Out with the Old, In with the New

Part 3 1 John Part 3 – Confidence Building

Don Treader encourages getting active for God, the only real confidence builder.

Confidence Building

Part 4 1 John Part 4 – Love Expels Fear

Dee Jay M talks about the power of love to eliminate doubt and fear.

Love Expels Fear

Part 5 1 John Part 5 – Proof

Don Treader and Dee Jay M show how to prove Jesus really was the Son of God. Could you be one?



Part 1 Acts Part 1 – Wait!


Part 2 Acts Part 2 — Blown Away!

Blown Away

Part 3 Acts Part 3 — Get Up

Get UP

Part 4 Acts Part 4 — Put God First

Put God First

Part 5 Acts Part 5 — Be Honest with God

Be Honest with God

Part 6 Acts Part 6 — Angel Face

Angel Face

Part 7 Acts Part 7 — Facing the Ultimate

Facing the Ultimate

Part 8 Acts Part 8 — Get Out Of There!

Get Out of There!

Part 9 Acts Part 9 — Change


Part 10 Acts Part 10 — A Further Step

A Further Step Full Version
A Further Step Radio Version

Part 11 Acts Part 11 — Moving Forward

Moving Forward

Part 12 Acts Part 12 — The Way Out

The Way Out

Part 13 Acts Part 13 — More


Part 14 Acts Part 14 — Misconceptions


Part 15 Acts Part 15 — Don’t Make It Difficult

Don’t Make It Difficult

Part 16 Acts Part 16 — Open Up

Open Up

Part 17 Acts Part 17 — The Unknown God

The Unknown God

Part 18 Acts Part 18 – The Messiah You Are Looking For Is Jesus” (Edit)

The Messiah You Are Looking For Is Jesus

Part 19 Acts part 19 — Be Quiet

Be Quiet!

Part 20 Acts Part 20 – Don’t Shrink Back

Don’t Shrink Back

Part 21 Acts Part 21 — The Whole Picture

The Whole Picture

Part 22 Acts Part 22 — Hurry On

Hurry On

Part 23 Acts Part 23 — One Step Ahead

One Step Ahead

Part 24 Acts Part 24 — Don’t Wait

Don’t Wait

Part 25 Acts Part 25 – Neutralise Negatives, Pursue Positives

Neutralize Negatives, Pursue Positives

Part 26 Acts Part 26 — Almost Is Not Enough

Almost Is Not Enough

Part 27 Acts Part 27 — Lighten Up!

Lighten Up

Part 28 Acts Part 28 — Your Deliverer Has Come!

Your Deliverer Has Come


Part 1 Adoption Part 1 — Faith and Works

Brian Fowler and Don Treader introduce Adoption. Amie Aitken talks and sings of her experience. Meditation – putting our faith into action.

(We’re indebted to Amie Aitken for permitting her songs to be included in this podcast).

Faith and Works

Part 2 Adoption Part 2 — Experiences

Brian Fowler and Don Treader continue to look at adoption. Interviews with Krish Kandiah (“Home For Good”) and Andy Hayes.


Christmas Characters

Part 1 Part 1 – To Believe or Not To Believe (Zechariah and Joseph)

Don Treader compares and contrasts two Christmas characters – Zechariah and Joseph.

To Believe or Not To Believe

Part 2 Part 2 – The Christmas Experience – A Full Life!

Don Treader talks about some Christmas experiences and how to gain a full life.

The Christmas Experience

Part 3 Part 3 – Baby Faith (Mary and Elizabeth)

Sheila compares and contrasts Mary and Elizabeth who talk about the feelings regarding Motherhood.

Baby Faith–Mary and Elizabeth

Part 4 Part 4 – Open Up (Herod and the Three Kings)

Don Mark 2 encourages us to open up to God this Christmas by contrasting Herod and the Three Kings.

Open Up (Herod and the Three Kings)

Part 5 Part 5 – He’s here!

Don Treader talks about the anticipation, joy, fulfillment and knowing the presence of God now that Jesus has arrived.

He’s Here

Christmas Echos

Part 1 Part 1 – Prelude To Christmas

Christmas is a festival of light – Don Treader examines Matthew’s dreams and makes them pertinent for those seeking guidance today.

Prelude To Christmas

Part 2 Part 2 – Echo of the Wise Man

Don Mark 2 and Don Treader examine the stories around the Wise Men and encourage us to search for Jesus.

Echo of the Wise Man

Part 3 Part 3 – Echo of the Innkeeper

Dee Jay M and Don Treader examine Bethlehem’s role in the Christmas Story and encourage us to make room for Jesus.

Echo of the Innkeeper

Part 4 Part 4 – Echo of the Shepherd

DJ Smooth and Don Treader examine the role of the shepherd in the Christmas story.

Echo of the Shepherd


Part 1 Jesus Part 1 — Early Start

Don Treader takes a new look at the earlier years of Jesus.

Early Start

Part 2 Jesus Part 2 — Start Again

Don Treader looks at the baptism and encourages us to take advantage of a new start.

Start Again

Part 3 Jesus Part 3 — Stand Up to Temptation

DJ Smooth explores the tempations of Jesus in the desert and gives practical advice for us today.

Stand Up to Temptation

Part 4 Jesus Part 4 — Walk on The Water

Don Mark 2 show’s how it is possible to rise above life’s difficulties with Jesus.

Walk on the Water

Part 5 Jesus Part 5 — Freedom

Don Treader talks about life style change relating it to Jesus and demon possession.


Part 6 Jesus Part 6 — Be Healed!

Sheila personalises 4 of Jesus’ healing miracles to make them relevant for us today.

Be Healed!

Part 7 Jesus Part 7 — Live!

Don Treader looks at Jesus Power to raise the dead. Sample the experience!


Part 8 Jesus Part 8 — Thief in the Night

Dj Smooth talks about Jesus teachings on the end times and our need to be ready.

Thief in the Night

Part 9 Jesus Part 9 — Kingdom Growth

Don Mark2 Looks at how seeds have the power to affect our lives and future.

Kingdom Growth

Part 10 Jesus Part 10 — Face Up!

Dee Jay M reflects on the highs and lows of Jesus’ last week to give us encouragement.

Face Up

Part 11 Jesus Part 11 — Square Up!

Don Treader, DJ Smooth and Sheila meditate on the Crucifixion of Jesus.

Square Up–Radio Version
Square Up–Full Version

Part 12 Jesus Part 12 — Rise Again

Don Treader examines the emotions around and the implications of Jesus’ Resurrection.

Rise Again–Radio Version
Rise Again–Full Version

Meet the Team

Part 1 Meet the Team Part 1 — Don Treader

We are just ordinary people who wish to introduce you to Jesus and the ‘uplift’ He can bring. If you’re seeking spiritual awareness and a sense of fulfilment then you’re in the right place. If you’re a Christian, you’re equally welcome. The programmes are designed to uplift not threaten or pressurise. They should enrich you not us – we are not interested in your money. Simplicity, support, spiritual satisfaction, all linked to a beautiful sound – that’s what motivates us and makes us happy to serve you.

Gordon (Don Treader) Bio

Meet the Team Don Treader

Part 2 Meet the Team Part 2 — Neil (Dee Jay M)

Neil Dee Jay M Bio
Meet the Team–Neil (Dee Jay M

Part 3 Meet the Team Part 3 — Donald (Don Mark2)

Donald (Don Mark 2 Bio)
Meet the Team–Donald (Don Mark 2)

Part 4 Meet the Team Part 4 — Connor (DJ Smooth)

Connor (DJ Smooth) Bio
Meet the Team — Connor (DJ Smooth)

Part 5 Meet the Team Part 5 – George Wilson

George Bio
Meet the Team — George Wilson

Part 6 Meet the Team Part 6 — Sheila

Sheila’s Bio
Meet the Team–Sheila

Part 7 Meet the Team Part 7 – Jayne

Jayne Bio
Meet the Team — Jayne

Part 8 Meet the Team Part 8 — All Interviews

Combined interviews with the UCF team.

Meet the Team — Combined Interviews


Part 1 Way to Go

‘The fields are ready to be harvested’, said Jesus. Don Treader examines this claim and points out that outreach is not optional, but a command for the here and now.

Way To Go


Part 2 Reaching Out With Matthew

‘Go into all the world’, said Jesus. Don Treader examines the last chapter of Matthew’s Gospel – meeting with Jesus will lead to an unlimited outreach on our part, and better still, He goes with us.

Reaching Out With Matthew

Part 3 Reaching Out With Mark

‘I will work with you,’ said Jesus. Don Treader examines the last chapter of Mark’s Gospel – meeting with Jesus leads to an expectation of a dynamic supernaturally based outreach because He’s with us. Opening up to Him opens you to the world.

Reaching Out With Mark


Part 4 Reaching Out With Luke

‘Wait till the Spirit comes upon you,’ said Jesus. Don Treader examines the last chapter of Luke’s Gospel. Meeting with the risen Jesus is not enough, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Outreach demands Spirit filled and led believers, so waiting on God’s power is vital.

Reaching Out With Luke


Part 5 Reaching Out With John

‘Come and break-fast, feed my sheep’, said Jesus. Don Treader examines the last chapter of John’s Gospel. Before outreach, you need to meet with the risen Jesus on the shore of your experience and let Him re-commission you for the work.

Reaching Out With John


Parables of Jesus

Part 1 Parables of Jesus Part 1 — The Lost Son

Don Treader investigates what it feels like to be in ‘the far country’ and how to go home again.

The Lost Son

Part 2 Parables of Jesus Part 2 — The Good Samaritan

Don Treader investigates the downward spiral of life and the way up again.

The Good Samaritan

Part 3 Parables of Jesus Part 3 — The Two Debtors

Don Mark 2 investigates the power of forgiveness in helping us reach God.

The Two Debtors

Part 4 Parables of Jesus Part 4 — The Barren Tree

George investigates achievement in life, the lack of it and what God expects of us.

The Barren Tree

Part 5 Parables of Jesus Part 5 — The Rich Fool

Don Treader looks at upgrading our goods and early retirement in God’s Plan of things.

The Rich Fool

Part 6 Parables of Jesus Part 6 — The Sower and The Seed

DJ Smooth deals with our varied responses to God and His desires for us.

The Sower and the Seed

Part 7 Parables of Jesus Part 7 — The Buried Treasure

Sheila talks of her Guide Dog Helen as an unexpected treasure and links this with our relationship to God.

The Buried Treasure

Part 8 Parables of Jesus Part 8 – The Final Judgement

Don Treader offers hope in the terrifying turmoil of what we all must face in the end.
The Final Judgment

Psalms of Inspiration

Part 1 Psalms of Inspiration Part 1 — Guidance

Don Treader takes a new look at the 23rd Psalm.

Guidance–Psalm 23

Part 2 Psalms of Inspiration Part 2 — Protection

Dj Smooth talks of God’s protection for us by diving deeper into Psalm 91.

Protection–Psalm 91

Part 3 Psalms of Inspiration Part 3 — Transaction (Psalm 32)

Don Mark 2 highlights the simple path from sin to joy found in Psalm 32. An exchange is possible all because of Jesus.

Transaction–Psalm 32

Part 4 Psalms of Inspiration Part 4 — Upwards (Psalm 40)

Juan Cruz describes the journey from the pit to standing on solid ground. God is a rock that can be trusted.

Upwards–Psalm 40

Part 5 Psalms of Inspiration Part 5 — Building (Psalm 127)

George tells us how he lost out on life’s best when he didn’t include God in the building.

Building–Psalm 127

Ruth and Jonah

Part 1 Ruth and Jonah Part 1 – Coming Back

Don Treader challenges us with life choices.

Coming Back

Part 2 Ruth and Jonah Part 2 – Staying Close

Don Mark2 shows that staying close to God can bring some amazing benefits.

Staying Close

Part 3 Ruth and Jonah Part 3 — Flex Your Muscles

Staying a baby is not an option. Don Treader shows how exercising faith like Ruth’s and Naomi’s will secure your future.

Flex Your Muscles

Part 4 Ruth and Jonah Part 4 — Secure Your Future

Don Mark2 shows how having an attitude like Ruth’s will ensure a fulfilled, far-reaching future.

Secure Your Future

Part 5 Ruth and Jonah Part 5 – The Way Back

Don Treader looks at avoidance techniques and how to repair the damage.

Don’t Run Away, Jonah

Part 6 Ruth and Jonah Part 6 — The Way Out

George shows how being limited or confined can help us focus on the more important things of life.

The Way Out

Part 7 Ruth and Jonah Part 7 – The Way In

Don Treader shows how effective we can be when given a second chance like Jonah.

The Way In

Part 8 Ruth and Jonah Part 8 – The Way Forward

Don Mark2 suggests that God’s mercy is beyond our understanding. Go with it and benefit!

The Way Forward

Part 9 Ruth and Jonah Part 9 — The Way to Heaven…

Don Treader draws examples from Ruth and Jonah to aid us in our quest for heaven.

The Way to Heaven


Part 1 Specials Part 1 — Bob Noble & Papua New Guinea

Don Treader Interviews Bob Noble about his life, faith and work with Wycliffe. Ends with challenging message.

Bob Noble and Papua New Guinea

Part 2 Specials Part 2 — Marriage Rededication

Don Treader Interviews Bob Noble about his life, faith and work with Wycliffe. Ends with challenging message.

Marriage Rededication

Part 3 Specials Part 3 — Lost!

Jayne, Dee Jay M & Don Treader examine what it’s like to be lost – and found.


Part 4 Specials Part 4 — Live!

Don Treader and Ezekiel 37 – how God can give us a full life, taking our ‘dry bone’ existence and making it live again.


Part 5 Specials Part 5 — Are You Available

Don Mark2 presents challenging conclusions from the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard.

Are You Available?

Ten Commandments

Part 1 Ten Commandments Part 1 — Other Gods

Don Treader and Dee Jay M talk about Commandment 1. Meditation by Don Treader on God Avoidance.

Other Gods

Part 2 Ten Commandments Part 2 — Images of God

Don Treader and Don Mark2 talk about Commandment 2. Meditation by Don Mark2 on image building.

Images of God

Part 3 Ten Commandments Part 3 — Gods Name

Dee Jay M and Don Treader discuss Commandment 3. Meditation by Don Treader on Knowing God and dropping the oath.

God’s Name

Part 4 Ten Commandments Part 4 — The Sabbath

Dee Jay M and Don Treader discuss Commandment 4. Meditation by Don Treader on making the most of today.

The Sabbath

Part 5 Ten Commandments Part 5 — Parents

Don Mark2 and Don Treader discuss Commandment 5. Meditation by Don Mark2 on this special relationship and God’s promise concerning it.


Part 6 Ten Commandments Part 6 — Murder


Part 7 Ten Commandments Part 7 — Adultery


Part 8 Ten Commandments Part 8 — Stealing

Don Mark2 and Don Treader discuss Commandment 8. Meditation by Don Mark2 on ‘Are We God Robbers?’


Part 9 Ten Commandments Part 9 — Lying

Dee Jay M and Don Treader discuss Commandment 9. Meditation by Dee Jay M on ‘Are You Earthbound Or Can You Soar?’


Part 10 Ten Commandments Part 10 — Wrong Desires

Don Treader and Dee Jay M look at Commandment 10. Don Treader meditates on the goal of the Ten Commandments – a loving relationship.

Wrong Desires

The Easter Experience

Part 1 Maundy Thursday

Dee Jay M and Don Treader explore how Jesus might have felt the night before He was executed.

Maundy Thursday

Part 2 Good Friday

Dee Jay M and Don Treader consider how Jesus dealt with Good Friday and the time between his crucifixion and resurrection.

Good Friday

Part 3 Easter Sunday

Dee Jay M and Don Treader explore the joy Jesus felt after his resurrection and being reunited with His Father and His followers.

Easter Sunday


Part 4 Easter Experience – Reflections

DoctorJ, Dee Jay M and Don Treader explore how Jesus felt throughout the latter stages of Holy Week. Dee Jay M reads from DoctorJ’s book “36”. The programme ends with reflections from Don Treader and uplifting Easter music.

Easter Experience Reflections