We want you to be inspired when you touch base with our site. We want to make reading the Bible interesting and accessible. We want you to discover for yourself how God’s Word can positively energise your life.

In Studies we aim to give you the tools to rewarding Bible Study, not only giving you tips as to how to get the best out of personal Bible investigation, but pointing you in the direction of useful courses which will help you in your daily walk. Geared to all ages and with a wide variety of topics you need never be stuck for choice.


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we aim to provide you with a variety of Bible Reading Plans which will take you through the Bible in varying periods of time It’s not the amount your read but the quality of what you read and assimilate. Browse and make your choice. Following a pattern will help you grow in faith and understanding.

In Daily Devotional we aim to provide you with Daily thoughts and meditations on the Bible, a superb aid to devotion. Again, we will point the way to material which has inspired myriads of Christians before you. There’s 2000 years of inspiration and experience to learn from.