UCF – A Beautiful Sound In Your Ears


Uplift Radio was meant to lift people's spirits by exposing them to all genres of uplifting music with a dash of positive inspiring thoughts and quotes. It was crafted to engender a beautiful sound in your ears, one that would kick start the day and produce that feel good factor.


Our Meditation programme (6am every morning) has been developed to enervate the spirit, whether the listener is a believer or not, to set them up for the day with a positive and creative frame of mind. It consists of nature sounds combined with music to soothe, relax and massage the soul, to help the listener focus on their day and get the most out of it. It was designed especially to make a beautiful sound in their ears. A person can open up if they feel their cares, worries and stresses are dissolved- music and nature are the perfect combination to make this happen!


In general our programming focuses on trying to make a beautiful sound, something attractive to the listeners.  Soft rock classics, country gems, pop melodies, gospel inspirations, classical moods – these and many more genres are priorities  we endeavour to maintain. Lined up with these of course is our prolific diet of encouraging thoughts and quotes which lift the experience.


On Sundays, we have a variety of Gospel programmes again designed to give a beautiful sound. The Gospel Show (7am & 9pm) with its two presenter format, great Christian classics of old and new music, news items and in depth discussion, the Spurgeon spot and review spots – this has proved popular and has seen some increase over the year. The Hour Of Power from the Crystal Cathedral (2am & 7pm) has also proved to be instrumental in helping people get a positive slant on their lives and on their week. It has also helped us realise that an on-line faith community is something we could develop in order to meet some of our listeners needs.   We've recently also established two new programmes we hope will add to this beautiful sound.


'Good News' (8am & 8pm) is a half hour programme with words and music introduced by a different presenter each week. Soothing, inspirational music with appropriate thoughts from the presenter – just the job for making Sundays relaxed and for setting the scene for Uplift Christian Fellowship, our second new programme.


Uplift Christian Fellowship (UCF) (8.30am, 11.30am & 8.30pm) is our attempt to provide an on-line worship service on the radio. Half an hour of inspiring hymns, simple but profound Bible teaching, heart-felt prayers, a welcoming atmosphere – all set in our non-church setting. Each week a new location will be featured – in line with the concept of 'Church Without Walls'. Being on the net in cyber space we don't need to conform to traditional locations or formats. Our whole desire is to create a beautiful sound which will inspire and uplift the listeners. Our aim is 'to lift up Jesus and uplift others' – we hope this on-line worship service will do just that.


This programme by its nature is designed to build an on-line faith community. People listening in from all over the world will hopefully develop a bond of fellowship. It is hoped they will be so blessed that they will tell others, and that the whole community will grow. To help augment this on-line faith community we have developed a website which will provide people with spiritual tools if they wish to take advantage of them – Bible Studies, Daily Reading and Devotions, prayer, counselling and support opportunities. We have a super Forum to allow people to interact, to put up items for prayer, to give thanks for answers, to say what they think about the programmes, to comment on Bible interpretations, to post their own inspiring experiences which will encourage and thrill others. In time we hope this on-line faith community will be extensive and vibrant!


If you've never thought about listening to a 'religious' broadcast, why not break the habit of a lifetime. It's designed to be inspirational, not threatening, something from which believers and non-believers alike can derive benefit. Just listening might introduce you to what Jesus actually did say, and who knows, perhaps even change your perspective on life. it's not something to be afraid of, and therefore avoid. Rather, it's a beautiful sound which will leave you inspired and positive. Who doesn't want that?