An On-Line Worship Service- "Church without Walls"


After the successful launch of Uplift Radio in 2011, we thought it would be good to develop the more Christian side of our work by providing an on-line worship service in a church without walls.


Uplift Radio is not specifically a Christian station – it plays all genres of music interlaced with positive thoughts and quotes 24/7 and has a few gospel programmes on a Sunday. The mainstay of these is 'The Gospel Show' with two presenters, latest news and discussion, the occasional interview and a variety of interesting and uplifting spots. We also developed a link with the Crystal Cathedral and aired their 'Hour Of Power' on Sunday evenings.


As we honed our programming, we felt we ourselves could provide an on-line worship service which might match our listeners' needs. The concept of a 'church without walls' developed – if we were to use cyber space to communicate, why be limited with traditional restrictions and formats – we could locate the service anywhere to create a beautiful and attractive sound which would inspire and encourage our listeners. So far our programmes have been on dusty desert roads (to amplify the story of The Good Samaritan) and down at the sea side (to help give atmosphere to the location where Jesus gave many of His teachings). We have plans for many other locations – in a church without walls, the sky's the limit!


Apart from this departure from the norm in church locations, our main aim is to 'lift up Jesus and uplift people', and we wish to do this in a way which will build an on-line community. Our desire is to make the gospel attractive – we believe we can do this by providing a simple informal programme, containing inspiring hymns, heart-felt prayers, relevant Bible teaching with a profound edge. In general we wish to uplift our listeners with an on-line worship service which will introduce them to Jesus, capture their imagination and hopefully help them change their lives. Alongside the programme we have built a website

UCF Worldwide

which gives tools for further study, daily readings and devotions, a wonderful forum for chat on topics such as prayer, Bible interpretation, inspiring  thoughts and events, support and counselling, even a podcast and inspiring media download area – something we hope will help people to interact, to become involved and above all, be uplifted.


If you've never thought of tuning into this kind of programme, why not be daring and expose yourself to the best half hour on radio.You don't have to be a believer to appreciate the beautiful sound we're trying to create. Believer or non-believer, tuning in will help give your week focus, help you understand better what Jesus was getting at in a non-threatening attractive way, and allow you to experience an on-line worship service in a church without walls.