After the launch of Uplift Radio on 31 January 2011 and its subsequent growth in listener numbers and the expansion of its positive programming, we felt the need to develop a specifically Christian programming slot for an act of worship. The current Gospel Show has much inspiring content – Christian music of all kinds, news and comment, an In-Depth Issue tackled each week, the Spurgeon Meditation and the occasional interview – all this when allied to our two presenter format has proved very popular. But something new and vibrant was required to fill another perceived need.

In early 2012 a few of us felt the desire to provide an actual act of worship to encourage and lift people’s spirits, especially those who cannot get to a place of worship due to location, disability or infirmity. There are so many people, some of whom are elderly, who miss the opportunity to gather together with others to meet with the Lord and to worship. By providing an informal, beautiful service based on the Bible with simple but profound thoughts in non-jargon language, we know that we will be meeting a strongly felt need. Alongside this, the development of our interactive website, with its emphasis on encouragement, inspiration and support through prayer and sharing built on this foundation and created an online community, not just in our own area but throughout the world. Hence Uplift Christian Fellowship Worldwide.

Today in 2016, we have expanded our core ministry. UCF now encompasses four programmes (including our worship service, now renamed ‘Music & Meditation’) which can be heard on Uplift Radio over two 3 hour slots on Sundays.

Our aim is simple – to lift up Jesus and to uplift people.

Along with our sister sites:

Uplift Radio

Uplift Ministries

Uplift Counselling and Supervision

we believe we have the opportunity to make a real difference to people throughout the world. Please help us to make this vision a reality by telling others, by listening and by becoming involved yourself.